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Item Size
W36421450 1036-2-14GA 50' WELDED WIRE FENCE     36"x50'
W48421450 1348-2-14GA 50' WELDED WIRE FENCE     48"x50'
W60421450 1660-2-14GA 50' WELDED WIRE FENCE     60"x50'
W72421450 1972-2-14GA 50' WELDED WIRE FENCE     72"x50'
W364214100 1036-2-14GA 100' WELDED WIRE FENCE     36"x100'
W484214100 1348-2-14GA 100' WELDED WIRE FENCE     48"x100'
W604214100 1660-2-14GA 100' WELDED WIRE FENCE     60"x100'
W724214100 1972-2-14GA 100' WELDED WIRE FENCE     72"x100'
Welded Wire Fence
  • Galvanized.
  • 4"x2" mesh.
  • 14 gauge.
  • Offers rigidity and strength for a variety of light-duty outdoor fence projects.
  • Ideal for yards, gardens, and pets.
  • Smaller mesh provides an effective barrier against small animals while maintaining an open view.
Description: W36421450 1036-2-14GA 50' Welded Wire Fence
Item#: 6034-0606-7
UPC: 764666540606
Price: $31.99 / RL
Available: Call for In-Store Availability

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